Aired April 19, 2017

Surprise Meeting With Baby Grandson

An undercover cop catches an act of kindness on camera. A couple is surprised with their first meeting with their grandson.

Aired April 17, 2017

Bird's Funny Impressions

A smart bird does some uncanny impressions. Snow White helps make a little girl's wish of reuniting with her father comes true.

Aired April 16, 2017

Easter Episode

Cassie and Paul celebrate Easter with a special holiday-themed episode of Refresh.

Aired April 15, 2017

Meeting April The Giraffe's Baby

A woman finds a clever way to reveal that she's pregnant. Mike and Erika keep an eye on April the giraffe after she finally has her baby.

Aired April 14, 2017

Baby Elephant Rescue

A rescued baby elephant reunites with its mother. A flight attendant makes flying fun with his Looney Tunes impersonations.

Aired April 12, 2017

Bride's Tribute To Late Father

An adorable 2-year-old goes grocery shopping. A bride finds a way to include her late father in her wedding dance.

Aired April 6, 2017

Brave Sailors Save Turtle

A heroic turtle rescue is caught on camera. Cassie and Paul discuss the 13 things mentally strong people never do.

Aired April 2, 2017

Little Girl's Courageous Leap

A little girl with cerebral palsy bravely jumps into a pool. A rescue dog undergoes an amazing transformation.

Aired April 1, 2017

Returning Soldier Surprises Mom

A mother's surprise reunion with her soldier son is caught on camera. A teen shares the story of her emotional fight against cancer.

Aired March 31, 2017

Turtle's Journey To The Ocean

A turtle makes its way back into the ocean. Cassie and Paul take a quiz to find out if they lived past lives.

Aired March 30, 2017

Miracle For Mom With Weeks To Live

A mom thinks she only has weeks to live until her doctor tells her something miraculous. A confused sheep thinks it's a dog.

Aired March 28, 2017

Diaper Changing Competition

A couple competes for the title of fastest diaper changer. An incredible father talks about his unconditional love for his autistic son.

Aired March 27, 2017

Artist Horse Creates Amazing Drawing

An impressive horse shows off his artistic talents. A little girl melts hearts with her touching rendition of, "Amazing Grace."

Aired March 25, 2017

Surprise Disney Flash Mob

A Disney-inspired flash mob has everyone dancing. Mike and Erika test out an eyeliner hack using dental floss.

Aired March 23, 2017

Armless Teenager's Inspiring Performance

An armless teenager's beautiful performance leaves everyone in tears. A dad shares his unconventional tips for getting his baby to sleep.

Aired March 22, 2017

Caretaker Gets Spoiled For A Day

A woman who's dedicated her life to taking care of others gets spoiled for a day. Paul tries the ancient technique of ear candling.

Aired March 21, 2017

Vet Walks Unassisted After 15 Years

A war vet doesn't give up despite the odds being stacked against him. Dancing cowboys make everyone laugh with their amusing performance.

Aired March 19, 2017

Hippie's Hair Tranformation

A man chops off his hair for a good cause. A mother shares her hilarious thoughts on the selfie trend.

Aired March 17, 2017

Surprise Gender Reveal Proposal

A gender reveal party turns into a surprise wedding. A special guest makes an appearance for St. Patrick's Day.

Aired March 16, 2017

Judge Stuns Courtroom

A compassionate judge leaves the courtroom in tears, and a man creates lifelike portraits using just thread.

Aired March 15, 2017

Heartwarming Daddy-Daughter Duet

A dad and his daughter melt hearts with an adorable duet, and a bride helps pull off a surprise proposal at her own wedding.

Aired March 14, 2017

Deaf Dancer's Emotional Audition

A deaf dancer's incredible audition leaves everyone in tears, and a smart pup helps a best man deliver the wedding rings in time.

Aired March 13, 2017

Dreaming Baby Polar Bear

A baby polar bear takes a trip to dreamland, and a group of senior citizens show off their amazing hip hop skills.

Aired March 12, 2017

Funny Dog Alarm Clock

A man is woken each morning by his persistent pit bull, and a grandma impresses Steve Harvey on Family Feud.

Aired March 10, 2017

Husband's Handmade Gift

A husband turns a pile of wood into an amazing gift for his wife, and some silly cows show off their best dance moves.

Aired March 9, 2017

Couple's Magical First Dance

A magician and his bride share a first dance you've got to see to believe, and Cassie and Paul celebrate a year on Facebook live.

Aired March 6, 2017

Death Row Dog Gets Second Chance

A dog on death row gets a new lease on life, and a newly-married couple shows off their impressive Broadway-inspired first dance.

Aired March 3, 2017

Elephant Herd Saves Baby

A drowning baby elephant is saved in the nick of time, and a nervous mom moves everyone to tears.

Aired March 2, 2017

Giraffe Edition

In this special giraffe edition, Cassie and Paul share their favorite giraffe videos of all time.

Aired March 1, 2017

Tiger Gender Reveal

A couple uses tigers to reveal the gender of their new baby, and a quirky contestant blows the judges away with her voice.

Aired February 28, 2017

Best Baby Births

Babies, babies, and more babies! Cassie and Paul count down the most amazing births on the web.

Aired February 26, 2017

New Grandma's Hilarious Reaction

A woman has a hilarious reaction to finding out she's going to be a grandma, and Heather and Erika try out a breakfast egg hack.

Aired February 25, 2017

Baby's Miraculous Recovery

A dying baby is saved by a miraculous surgery, and some very talented dads sing a classic Disney song.

Aired February 23, 2017

Husky Falls In Love With Baby

A husky falls in love with a baby, and Paul and Cassie make grilled cheese sandwiches in a toaster.

Aired February 21, 2017

Mom Changes Quadruplets At Same Time

A mother attempts to change and dress squiggling quadruplet babies all at once, and Cassie and Paul show how to make French toast in a mug.

Aired April 18, 2017

Dads Dance With Cute Babies

A groom surprises his new bride with his smooth dance moves. A group of dads bond with their adorable babies over dance.

Aired April 14, 2017

Watercolor Galaxy Cake

A woman creates edible artwork. A daddy-daughter duo steals hearts with their cover of a Disney classic.

Aired April 13, 2017

Mama Bear Saves Babies

A couple hypnotizes the audience with their mesmerizing salsa routine. A brave mama bear saves her baby cubs from a waterfall.

Aired April 10, 2017

Music Monday With Marron Chaplin

A naughty dog steals attention away from a propsal. Singer-songwriter Marron Chaplin performs an original composition for Music Monday.

Aired April 5, 2017

Puppies Go Swimming

Some adorable puppies go swimming for the first time. An injured boy with 72 hours to live makes an unbelievable recovery.

Aired March 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday

A cute panda takes a tumble, and Host Mike Janela and producer Erika reminisce about athletes of the past.

Aired March 29, 2017

Man Sees His Future Daughter

A man sees his daughter years before she is born. A silly dog get into an argument with his favorite toy.

Aired March 25, 2017

Must-See Hair Transformation

A woman's makeover shaves years off her look. Style expert, Patrice J. Williams returns to share new fashion tips in time for spring.

Aired March 23, 2017

National Puppy Day

Sarah celebrates National Puppy Day by sharing her favorite viral doggy videos.

Aired March 21, 2017

Young Choir's Amazing Disney Medley

This very pregnant mom-to-be has moves! Then, some newlyweds surprise their family with a baby gender reveal and a magical Disney song melody you don’t want to miss! Replay starts now!

Aired March 20, 2017

Sweet Gender Reveal Surprise

A baby gender reveal takes an unexpected turn, and a woman impresses Simon with her self-composed song.

Aired March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Irish step dancers form a flash mob at an airport. The LittleThings Leprechaun gives away his gold for St. Patrick's day.

Aired March 15, 2017

“Eye-catching" Makeup Look

Sarah and Erika attempt to replicate a dizzying makeup look, and a woman creates an amazing display using dominoes.

Aired March 14, 2017

Pi Day

In honor of Pi Day, Sarah shares the story behind a clothing line that promotes math and science among girls of all ages.

Aired March 13, 2017

16-Year-Old Channels Janis Joplin

A 16-year-old delivers a perfect cover of a Janis Joplin classic, and Sarah shares why Leonardo DiCaprio is her Man Crush Monday pick.

Aired March 13, 2017

Fashion Friday

Sarah gets some tips on affordable fashion from style expert and writer Patrice J. Williams.

Aired March 10, 2017

Bride's Wedding Surprise

A bride gets a wedding surprise that leaves her speechless, and Sarah and Erika throw things back to the 80s.

Aired March 9, 2017

International Women's Day

Sarah shows us how celebrities are honoring the ladies they admire on social media for International Women's Day.

Aired March 7, 2017

Inspirational Blind Brothers

Sarah interviews blind brothers, Brad and Bryan Manning, who share the story of starting their own clothing company.

Aired March 6, 2017

Bullied Teen's Powerful Audition

On the very first episode of Replay, a bullied teen leaves the room in tears and host Sarah Pribis and Cassie reveal their pick for Man Crush Monday.

Aired April 12, 2017

April Must-See Movies

Season 4 of "Southern Charm" premieres on Bravo, and Lauren tells us why Zach Braff's new movie, "Going in Style," is a must-see.

Aired March 29, 2017

Casting JonBenet

Netflix's new show "Casting JonBenet" explores the unsolved mystery of JonBenet Ramsey. Lindsay Lohan makes her return to TV.

Aired March 22, 2017

The Handmaid's Tale

Lauren shares her thoughts on Hulu's adaption of Margaret Atwood's popular dystopian novel, "The Handmaid's Tale."

Aired March 15, 2017

"The Kardashians" Turns 10

"Keeping up with the Kardashians" celebrates 10 years on TV, and we watch the highly-anticipated new trailer for "Game of Thrones."

Aired March 8, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Lauren reveals the new trailers for Stranger Things season 2, the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and more.

Aired March 3, 2017

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lauren shows us all the juicy drama to look forward to now that the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," is on Hulu. Later, she shares the new movies and TV shows she's most excited to watch.

Aired February 24, 2017

What's Trending On Netflix?

Lauren and Paul play a game of Guess the Celeb, and then tell you what shows you should be watching on Netflix.

Aired February 17, 2017

Golden Girls' Funniest Quotes

"The Golden Girls" are on Hulu, so we're highlighting their funniest quotes! Our resident TV expert, Lauren Kennedy, is throwing things back in this first episode of "Pause."

Aired April 13, 2017

Do Mermaids Live In Our Oceans?

Mermaids are half-human, half-fish, but are they also half-truths? Joe and Paul set out to discover the real story behind these mysterious beings.

Aired April 6, 2017

Do ghosts exist?

Joe and Paul try to determine if some of the spookiest clips on the web are evidence of ghostly visitors or the result of very good video editing!

Aired March 30, 2017

Have Aliens Visited Earth?

Is there life on other planets? Joe and Paul investigate whether there's any truth to claims of alien sightings over the years.

Aired March 23, 2017

Is The Loch Ness Monster A Hoax?

Joe and Paul share some compelling information about why they believe the Loch Ness Monster is real or a hoax. It's up to you to decide who you think is right!

Aired March 16, 2017

Where Do Crop Circles Come From?

Are crop circles created by humans or aliens? That's the question Joe and Paul set out to answer in this episode of Beyond.

Aired March 10, 2017

Is Bigfoot Real?

In the very first episode of "Beyond," host Joe Borrelli and self-proclaimed paranormal expert Paul Morris debate the existence of Bigfoot.

Aired April 14, 2017

Dealing With Negative Comments

Kristina Kuzmic talks about receiving negative comments online and why they don't bother her anymore.

Aired April 10, 2017

Sick Kids In The House

Kristina tells us how she's dealing with a house full of sick children.

Aired April 1, 2017

Let's Be Kind

Kristina Kuzmic shares an important life lesson she and her children received on kindness.

Aired March 24, 2017

Truth Bomb Mom Q&A

Kristina answers viewer questions about everything from anxiety to April the giraffe.

Aired March 3, 2017

From a Pediatrician

Kristina and her childrens' pediatrician, Dr. Sethi, share what kids need most from parents.

Aired March 17, 2017

Raising Happy Kids

Kristina Kuzmic discusses how being less hard on ourselves as parents can lead to happier children.

Aired March 10, 2017

Finding Your Passion

Kristina Kuzmic reveals why being a mother doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams.

Aired February 23, 2017

Lost Sippy Cup

In this funny and relatable video, Kristina Kuzmic hunts for her toddler's missing sippy cup.

Aired March 3, 2017

Balancing It All As A Parent

Kristina Kuzmic answers viewers' question about how she balances everything she has to do as a mother and discusses the importance of "me time" for parents.

Aired February 26, 2017

Planning A Family Vacation

Do you apologize too much? Kristina Kuzmic explains why you should stop saying you're sorry this instant!

Aired February 24, 2017

Kids Just Need You

Kristina Kuzmic catches up on folding laundry, while sharing how to teach children responsibility by involving them in househould chores.

Aired February 17, 2017

Let's Not Compare Kids

Kristina Kuzmic is joined by an adorable co-host as she tells us why comparing children is never a good idea.

Aired February 10, 2017

Expectations vs Reality

When you're a parent, expectations don't always match up with reality! Kristina Kuzmic is here to talk about all the times she got it totally wrong.

Aired February 8, 2017

What is Love?

What is love? Kristina Kuzmic is on a mission to find out — and the answers definitely aren't what she expected.

Aired February 9, 2017

Cheap Valentine's Day Date

Kristina Kuzmic tells us about her cheapest (and most treasured) Valentine's Day memory.

Aired February 3, 2017

Truth Bomb Mom: Be Yourself

Kristina Kuzmic is here to tell you why being yourself is the best decision you can make today.

Aired February 3, 2017

Parenting Accomplishments

Kristina Kuzmic shows us why no parenting accomplishment is too small to be celebrated.

Aired January 27, 2017

Answering Your Questions

Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic answers viewer questions about teens, crying kids, and more!

Aired January 20, 2017

Staying Positive

Looking on the bright side is easy when you follow Kristina Kuzmic's personal tips for staying positive!

Aired January 19, 2017

You're Normal

Ever have those days where you just can't get it together? Kristina Kuzmic is here to tell you you're not alone!

Aired January 13, 2017

Asking For Help

No parent can do it alone! Kristina Kuzmic tells us why there's no shame in asking for help when you need it.

Aired January 6, 2017

Difficulties Of Being A Mom

Kristina Kuzmic is having one of those weeks. Hear about all the moments of parenthood that are less than perfect.

Aired January 8, 2017

Mean Mom

Kristina Kuzmic tells us why it's not the end of the world when your kids call you "mean."

Aired January 2, 2017

365 Good Things

What's your New Year's resolution? Kristina Kuzmic's is to be happier, and she's going to tell you exactly how she plans to do it.

Aired December 30, 2016

New Years Resolutions

It's almost a new year, and Kristina Kuzmic is sharing her mommy resolutions for 2017!

Aired December 23, 2016

Christmas Cooking

Kristina Kuzmic welcomes you into her kitchen as she prepares her Christmas feast. The episode features a very special musical performance from Kristina's brother and sister-in-law!

Aired December 23, 2016

Christmas Wish List

What do moms want for Christmas? Kristina Kuzmic shares her wish list for the holidays.

Aired November 30, 2016


Kristina Kuzmic wonders if we are doing everything we can as parents to prevent bullying.

Aired November 23, 2016


What is Kristina Kuzmic thankful for? She's telling us in this week's "Truth Bomb Mom" — and it might not be what you think!

Aired November 18, 2016

Stretch Marks

Kristina Kuzmic isn't embarrassed by her stretch marks, and she's sharing why you shouldn't be either!

Aired November 18, 2016

Sick of Doing the Laundry

Being perfect is overrated! Kristina Kuzmic tells us how embracing the chaos has made her a happier mom.

Aired November 14, 2016

Good Enough

Kristina Kuzmic shares a personal story about a time when she felt like she wasn't enough.

Aired November 10, 2016

Ways to Tick Off a New Mom

Avoid ticking off all the new moms in your life by following this hilarious advice from Kristina Kuzmic.

Aired October 27, 2016

Raising Men

Kristina Kuzmic explains why she's not a fan of the saying "boys will be boys."

Aired October 19, 2016

Moms Shaming Moms

Kristina Kuzmic does not approve of moms shaming moms. Hear why she thinks this trend has to end.

Aired April 13, 2017

Pull-Apart Unicorn Cake

Maia tries her hand at cake decorating with a whimsical pull-apart unicorn cake recipe.

Aired April 6, 2017

Hard Boiled Egg Makeup Sponge Hack

Maia and Paul make a lip stain out of Kool-Aid, and Maia uses a hard boiled egg as a replacement for a makeup sponge,

Aired March 30, 2017

Easter Egg Decorating Hacks

Maia and Paul get ready for Easter by experimenting with unique ways of decorating eggs.

Aired March 23, 2017

Unicorn Snot

Maia and Paul add some sparkle to their look with the curiously named, "Unicorn Snot."

Aired March 16, 2017

Avocado Hair Mask

Maia uses an avocado and honey mask to revitalize her hair, and Paul tests an anti-aging green tea mask.

Aired March 2, 2017

Pug Mask

Maia tries out an ant-wrinkle pug face mask and a lipstick that claims to change color to match the wearer's mood.

Aired February 16, 2017

Hell Pore Mask

Maia and Paul try on what's rumored to be the most painful face mask on the market and test out a lip plumping device.

Aired February 9, 2017

24k Gold Face Masks

Maia and Paul test out a face mask that contains actual gold, and Maia attempts to curl her hair with a fork.

Aired February 2, 2017

Airhead Lipstick

Maia tests out the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret and makes lipstick using Airhead candy.

Aired January 26, 2017

Peel-Off Eyeshadow

Maia curls her hair with Maxi Pads and sees if she can get the perfect smokey look with a peel-off eyeshadow.

Aired January 19, 2017

Peel-Off Lip Gloss

Things get a little messy as Maia and Paul try out a peel off rubber face mask and lip glosses.

Aired January 12, 2017

Hair Stencil

Maia adds a fun design to her hair using a hair stencil and shows us a hack for arranging the perfect bouquet.

Aired January 5, 2017

Wasabi Lip Plumper

Maia makes her own self tanner using coffee and tries to get plumper lips with wasabi.

Aired December 29, 2016

Glitter Eyebrows

Maia gets a festive look for New Years by decorating her hair and eyebrows with glitter.

Aired December 22, 2016

Paint By Numbers Mask

Maia tests out a face mask that's easy to apply as 1-2-3!

Aired December 15, 2016

Kitty Litter Mask

Maia bravely applies a kitty litter facial treatment to see if it leaves her skin looking like she just left the spa.

Aired December 1, 2016

Chalk Pastel Hair Dye

Maia tests out a peel-off face mask and livens up her hair using chalk pastel hair dye.

Aired November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Brunch Ideas

In this special holiday episode, Maia and her brother attempt to recreate Thanksgiving brunch ideas.

Aired November 17, 2016

White Glue Lip Stain

Maia tests a white glue lip stain and makes a temporary tattoo with help from special guest, Kristina Kuzmic.

Aired November 10, 2016

Hair Curling Hacks

Maia curls her hair with various food items, including hot dogs and marshmallows.

Aired April 8, 2017

Quilting with Justin Stafford

Artist Justin Stafford shares a English paper piecing technique that quilting fans are sure to enjoy.

Aired April 2, 2017

Gold Series with Sharon Volpe

Artist Sharon Volpe works on her water color and acrylic "Gold Series" inspired by art history

Aired March 26, 2017

Painting with Laura Caseley

LittleThings illustrator Laura Caseley paints a green landscape to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Aired March 11, 2017

Painting with Ivette Urena

Ivette Urena paints a picture of her puppy Amber with her Wonder Woman toy that's sure to warm any animal lover's heart.

Aired February 25, 2017

Painting with Iris Scott

Artist Iris Scott creates an amazing work of art using a finger painting technique you have to see to believe.

Aired February 11, 2017

Painting with OgieRoks

Artist Ogieroks uses his street art skills to create a unique and expressive work of art.

Aired February 4, 2017

Painting with Nicole Wilson

Artist Nicole Wilson show off the fun side of a French Bulldog named Buster in a colorful acrylic painting.

Aired April 12, 2017

DIY Soaps with Stephanie Diaz

Soap maker Stephanie Diaz teaches us how to make DIY popsicle and flower soaps in time for Easter.

Aired March 22, 2017

Arm Knitting with Becca

LittleThings writer Becca Endicott makes a cozy scarf using a simple and fun arm knitting technique.

Aired February 21, 2017

Rice Krispie Bagels and Pizza

This isn't your ordinary NYC street fare! Jessica Siskin shows us how to make a bagel and slice of pizza entirely out of Rice Krispies.

Aired February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Sweet Treats

Editor-in-chief Maia McCann shares some fun and easy Valentine's Day recipes you can make with ingredients already in your pantry.

Aired April 17, 2017

Game Night Recipes

It's all fun and games on this episode of Hostess! Vanessa makes a Bacon Deviled Egg and other recipes to spice up game night.

Aired April 10, 2017

Easter Dinner Party

Chef Vanessa Cantave prepares the perfect Easter dinner with seared lamb chops, strawberry shortcake, and more.

Aired March 27, 2017

Hosting The Perfect Bridal Shower

Host a bridal shower the bride will never forget with DIY flower crowns, Peach-Infused Rosé Punch, and more from Chef Vanessa Cantave.

Aired March 20, 2017

Spring Soups and Salads

Spring has sprung, and Chef Vanessa Cantave is celebrating by sharing her favorite recipes for the season!

Aired March 13, 2017

Spicy Garlic and Lemon Shrimp

Chef Vanessa Cantave shows us how to make a Spicy Garlic and Lemon Shrimp and other recipes that can be prepared in just minutes.

Aired March 6, 2017

A Kids Party That's Fun For Adults

Host a party that's a hit with both children and adults alike with tasty recipes from Chef Vanessa Cantave, like the perfect gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

Aired February 27, 2017

Brunch Special

Chef Vanessa Cantave shares her favorite brunch ideas, including her famous buttermilk pancakes and DIY mimosa bar.

Aired February 13, 2017

Ultimate Valentine's Day Dinner

In this special Valentine's Day video, Chef Vanessa Cantave shows us how to make three delicious recipes that are sure to wow that special someone.

Aired February 6, 2017

Rotisserie Chicken

Learn how to make the most of a rotisserie chicken with three versatile recipes from Chef Vanessa Cantave.

Aired January 30, 2017

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Chef Vanessa Cantave shows how to make sure your next football party's a hit with crowd-pleasing slider and guacamole recipes.

Aired December 29, 2016

Champagne Cocktails

Chef Vanessa Cantave teaches us how to ring in the new year in style with her best champagne recipes and other entertaining tips.

Aired January 23, 2017

Cavatelli Pasta with Bacon and Peas

Have a last-minute dinner party coming up? Chef Vanessa Cantave shows how to impress with a scrumptious and deceptively simple pasta recipe.

Aired December 23, 2016

Panettone Bread Pudding

In this quick and easy step-by-step video, Chef Vanessa Cantave makes a delectable bread pudding recipe.

Aired December 22, 2016

3 Simple Holiday Dips

Get ready for the holidays with Chef Vanessa Cantave as she shows us her favorite party dip recipes.

Aired April 15, 2017

Peep Play Dough

Poppa Peeke talks about sweet daddy-daughter date ideas and shares a clever way to make play dough out of Peeps.

Aired April 8, 2017

Make-Ahead Mason Jar Smoothies

Poppa Peeke and his kids enjoy a fun day at Medieval Times. Poppa Peeke and Erika make mason jar smoothies.

Aired April 1, 2017

DIY Mason Jar Baby Shower Gift

Poppa Peeke is moved to tears by an emotional video on parenting advice and shares a tutorial for adorable DIY mason jar baby shower gifts.

Aired March 27, 2017

DIY Chalkboard

Poppa Peeke tells us how he makes exercising fun for his family and shows us how to make a chalkboard using a baking sheet.

Aired March 18, 2017

Rainbow Donuts

Poppa Peeke highlights a talented mother-daughter dancing duo and makes colorful rainbow doughnuts using cereal.

Aired March 11, 2017

DIY Yarn Bracelets

Poppa Peeke shares how he was able to get a free night's stay at a hotel and demonstrates how to make a simple and unique DIY bracelet for kids.

Aired March 4, 2017

DIY Tap Shoes

Poppa Peeke reveals how he dines out with his kids stress-free and teaches us how to make DIY tap shoes using coins.

Aired February 25, 2017

Ballet and Hair Braiding

Poppa Peeke tries his hand at braiding his daughter's hair and shows us a fun, cheap winter activity.

Aired February 18, 2017

DIY Emergency Contact Tags

Hear about the moment Poppa Peeke's daughter found out she was going to be a big sister! You'll also learn how to make some handy (and stylish) emergency-contact tags.

Aired February 11, 2017

DIY Crayon Hearts

Poppa Peeke tries to find out how fast he can change a diaper. Then, he'll be showing us how to make adorable DIY crayon hearts for Valentine's Day!

Aired February 4, 2017

Mason Jar Snack Packs

Find out Poppa Peeke's favorite discount activities to do with his family. You'll also learn how to liven up lunchtime with our favorite Mason jar snack-pack recipes.

Aired January 28, 2017

DIY Connect 4 Game

Poppa Peeke teaches his kids about staying fit and shows us how to make some fun DIY games.

Aired January 14, 2017

Ice Skates

Poppa Peeke teaches his kids a valuable lesson using a $20 bill. Later, he and editor-in-chief Maia McCann demonstrate how to print your own T-shirts.

Aired January 7, 2017

Training Bike

Poppa Peeke and his son test out a thrift-store bike. Then, you can learn how to make an adorable baby shower bouquet out of socks!

Aired February 24, 2017

Frappe with Nonna Ada

Nonna Ada teaches granddaughter, LittleThings' Editor-in-Chief Maia McCann, how to make frappes — a delicious coffee cookie that's been in the family for 70 years.

Aired October 20, 2016

Bread Pudding with Sharon Lauro

Grandma Sharon Lauro reveals her bread pudding recipe that's been perfected in her family over generations.

Aired August 3, 2016

Anisette Cookies with Nonna Ada

Nonna Ada shows us step-by-step how to make Anisette Cookies, a tasty treat to enjoy with your morning coffee.

Aired October 17, 2016

Jasper the Dog for Purina

Jasper the beagle celebrates his retirement after 8 years as a US Customs canine officer at JFK Airport. Sponsored by Purina Dog Chow.

Aired August 17, 2016

Go Forward: The Gehrung Family

The Gehrung Family talks about living with dwarfism and their decision to adopt two orphans from China with the condition.

Aired June 13, 2016

Shine: Lily Green

Singer-songwriter and "The Voice" contestant, Lily Green, discusses her musical ambitions and biggest influences.

Aired June 15, 2016

Heroes: Polished Angels

Yazmin Ramos, founder of Polished Angels, shares why she chose to start giving free manicures to senior citizens in her town.

Aired May 2, 2016

Masters of Craft: Chazz Levi

Florist Chazz Levi reveals her best kept secrets for creating the perfect floral arrangement.

Aired March 8, 2016

Heroes: Oregon Firefighters

Veteran firefighter, Sean Hendrix, talks about the 27 years he has spent protecting the Oregon wilderness.

Aired May 2, 2016

Big Dreams: The Lumpkins Family

The Lumpkins welcomed four Chinese orphans into their family. Now they seek to adopt their daughter's sister, who is still in China.

Aired February 4, 2016

Kiah the Police Pitbull

A dog named Kiah defies the odds to become one of nine K-9 Detection pitbulls in the nation.